Friday, October 31, 2014

#PFW part 3

Paris is always a good idea!

Vivienne Westwood
 really love this fairytale present..


Jean Paul Gaultier

The stories went when he announced earlier this month that he would shutter his ready-to-wear collection to focus on haute couture and his perfume business. Miss Femme de Footballeur ,Miss Lucha Libre The Miss Smoking section, on the other hand, demonstrated that Gaultier hasn't lost his touch when it comes to man-for-woman tailoring; the fact that his double-breasted jacket/cocktail-dress hybrids look so normal now is a testament to how groundbreaking and subversive his talent was. 
Will be a separate post about JPG...


Kenzo would like  to remind you there is no plan B,please protect what is precious!!!






In a way,I was open to everything,no preconceived ideas,very little of me saying no!!

Jhon Galliano 

This is the tour to jungle,bamboo prints,wood-veneer-trimed basket waves..


These were the baddest bitches on a Givenchy runway in a long time,and it was the seXiest collection on the season so far..

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