Monday, September 21, 2015

NYFW15 part I

When I think about NY on my mind is just catwalk,all city is a catwalk and everything in NY is big...Big fashion show,big apple,big streets,big fashion industry,big names on  #nyfw...I shared this fashion week on work model,leather,dresses,topcoat,ponco,details..let s see my choice you opinions..

                                         Business or Pleasure?

 On your work you want to look elegant but also buisness but first of all cosily ...Oscar de la Renta will you bring back in the 60s skirt under the knees accentuated waist blouse all that in balck&white combination or black and beautiful turquoise simple as powerfull...Altuzarra real hit whit this orange suit,new black is orange funny but truth I just love it ..grey casual suit whit high waist black belt is beautiful ,this nude linen is great for summer look and on the end black simple suit whit big V cutout and beautiful leather bag whit fringes soo powerfull...Diane Von Furstenberg  capri pants hight waist and cleare blouse and leather grey jacket was made for autmn,I just like it when tie a belt ..Ralph Lauren all white whit this beautiful color of belt and platform,simple ,effectively,powerfull and super modern shoelace...
And at the end Business or pleasure... you judge

                           Leather on your leather?

Leather is my favorit for every season no mathers if is summer or winter ,or is a croc or a soft leather,suede but my favorit color of the leather is this on Ralph Lauren show ,rock jacket or pants on white or on blue simple perfect I am in love..This sesaon is must have a  topcoat in size knee deep or bunion ..on every show you have couple  of this must have pieces..leather Altuzarra croc coat is great  highlight waist dark brown...Jason Wu in hardily leather combination like as snake print dress or all balck whit the zip..awesome!
Victoria Beckham simple selection of colors and cut and my favorit colors of leather dark green and yellow nude...
Leather on your

                                           Summer coat ...


Summer coat or spring trench choose favorit for summer nights or spring days..must have on every show no mathers if is a silk or cotton you must have over your sholders...Givanchy are playng whit a fabric silk,lace or something warmer...Ralph Lauren is like a big orange...Jason Wu military look whit fringes is total hint ....Beautiful Altuzarra ...Oscar de la Renta ....Michael Kors simple as always..Must have ...

Whit love GG


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